We love nourishing ourselves and our community with organic potatoes. Quality is our first concern, not quantity. We ship single pallets or by the truckload. Whatever you, our customer, needs. We specialize in bulk tote bags, 50lb cartons, and 5lb & 10lb poly bags.

We also have high quality Certified Organic Seed Potatoes in 5lb, 10lb, & 50lbs.

These are the varieties we have available:
  • Dark Red Norland
  • Oneida Gold
  • Yukon Gold
  • Russet
  • All Blue
  • German Butterball
  • Red Endeavors

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Telephone: (207) 895-8015
Email: info@mistymeadowsorganicfarm.com
Website: www.mistymeadowsorganicfarm.com

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